Ty Crisp grew up fly fishing and collecting Native American artifacts with his father throughout southern Appalachia. As a third generation carpenter, his career began at an early age, from working in his grandfather’s shop to assisting his father in the field.

Choosing travel over college in 1993, he spent the next two years exploring the diverse American landscape before resuming his craft. In 1995 he returned to Tennessee and  traveled around the southeast constructing timber frame and log homes. In 1997 he moved to Charleston, SC where he maintained and restored historical downtown homes.

Once again returning to Tennessee  he dedicated himself to mastering cabinetry and finish carpentry. His love of woodworking quickly evolved into furniture making, joinery and design.

Upon opening his first Studio in 2004 he began experimenting in metal work, concrete and stone. This combination of elements became a catalyst for interior and exterior design concepts.

In 2007 he was commissioned by the spiritual leader of a Kundalini yoga retreat to build a labyrinth inspired by the one found at Chartres Cathedral in France. Upon acquiring the adjacent grounds,  the retreat further commissioned him to oversee  its expansion. Upon discovery of a spring and the former stream that had once flowed throughout the property, he began a restoration project to return the flow of water and coerce it along scenic walking trails, manicured gardens and natural formations. This involved a series of  reservoirs for dry seasons and diverting spillover and runoff during wet seasons. He restored wetlands by creating ponds and water features using only materials found on property. Attention was given to each water feature by blending current, form and  material to employ the tone of falling water to aide meditation.

By 2010 his diverse skill-set and reputation as a problem solver grew as he guided men, material and machine through abstract visions outside of traditional practice. For the next several years, his interest turned to interior design, consultant work and assembling design/build teams for unique projects.ty

While searching for native artifacts and rummaging through barns during a sabbatical near Reelfoot Lake in northwest Tennessee, he began invoking his muse while collecting found objects and repurposing them.